Logitech, Mahon, Cork




Completed 2022


41,000 Sq ft


City Gate 2, Mahon, Cork

Project details:

Wilson Architecture recently completed the full fit out of the 41K+ sq.ft., 4 storey new office building at City Gate 2, Mahon, Cork for Logitechs Irish HQ.     Logitech, Cork Video

Logitech develops and markets personal peripherals for PC navigation, video communication and collaboration, music and smart homes. Our brief was to create a vibrant hot desking, hybrid environment that would cater for people with creative roles alongside people with more traditional roles. Critically, the client requested that the environment was to feel fun, relaxed and a place that makes you want to come to work, a place that feels as comfortable as a second home.

All areas including labs, collaboration areas, traditional workstations, library and break out hubs were treated with the same level of enthusiasm. The starting point was a neutral background of birch ply, cork, white elements and plants. Then on top of the neutrals that are carried through the building, each of the 4 floors were given a colour palette which define the spaces as neighbourhoods while also acting as a way-finding. Because of the nature of  hot desking, we created excitement about finding a new spot everyday that a person comes to work. It becomes an adventure not only of environment but of collaboration and socialisation. A theme of verticality in materials features striped coloured corrugated walls, ribbed corian social steps and ribbed timber doors to cabinets. Coloured glass boards adorn many walls – walls that can be written and drawn on, in themselves they become a living and breathing expression of Logitechs creative activities.

Logitech required us to accommodate state of the art technology – that being their core business. Multimedia screens, effortlessly share whiteboards into video meetings using an AI-powered whiteboard camera. Meeting rooms and breakout areas were designed to allow Logitechs latest technology be tested, updated and shown to clients in a working environment. The latest technology in LED signage is used for an enhanced customer experience.

We located the canteen, the most dramatic space in the building on the top floor because of the beautiful views on 3 sides and its outdoor terrace. With a relaxed cafe style and an eclectic mix of soft industrial furniture and fittings, the canteen is used all day long and regularly for casual meetings. The most popular space is the library, a quiet room with a neutral palette. It’s shush signs on the entry doors, large armchairs and padded recessed hide away seat allow total absorption in a task.

Judging by the flow of people returning to the office without actually having to, is a sign that our goal of a “second home” was successfully achieved.

Photography – Janice O’Connell F22Photography.