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Project details:

Project Description

In 2016 Wilson Architecture joined a Bayer global team tasked with exploring ways to improve their existing facilities worldwide, with a strong focus on GMP compliance, Production flows and layouts. This worldwide project is the ‘Bayer Global GMP Upgrade Program’.  Existing Facilities in Brazil, Finland, Italy, China, South Korea and Spain have been assessed and detailed concepts developed to suit each site’s requirements.

To meet the latest version of the Bayer Global Standard Operation Procedures it was decided that all production facilities across the globe would roll out a program which is chartered to:

a)assess and

b)develop concepts for all identified non-compliances.

c)Implement as required to ensure compliance.

The Global GMP Upgrade Program Team was tasked with the responsible of carrying out a Gap Analysis / Assessment and develop concepts & solutions to resolve all identified non-compliances at 40 sites spread across the globe.

One of the main goals of the program is to oversee the local upgrade projects and facilitate standardised solutions to increase efficiencies and consistency across the sites.

It is important to note that all Bayer sites are currently fully compliant with local product regulations and licensed to continue production.