Limerick Courts




Completed 2018


7300 Sq.m.


Mulgrave Street, Limerick.

Project details:

The proposed building design is a two to four storey building consisting of 6 courtrooms, judicial, jury, visiting professional, custodial, staff and public accommodation with all ancillary service accommodation. The proposed new development will have a total floor area of approx 7300sq.m. The surrounding environment is softened and enhanced through the use of planting.

A new structurally independent glazed link with a standing seam roof will bring the public in from the protected gatehouse, creating a fully accessible entrance into the new courthouse building. The open glazed circulation space behind the gate lodge is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional portico, often fronting over public historical buildings. The vertical ‘colonnade’ elevation treatment to the north elevation provide a reassuringly familiar civic quality while framing views across Limerick city, and re-animating the street frontage.

The proposed building is arranged on the original historical site axis. The six courtrooms have been arranged in a classical manner on a raised plinth level on the first floor in an almost symmetrical fashion either side of the site axis. The massing of the building allows for the architectural expression of the various building elements in particular the courtrooms. Within the building there is a variety of spaces which are incremental in scale.