Novartis - Bulk Pharmaceutical Plant, Laboratories, Process & Offices in Pyewipe Site at Grimsby, UK


Arup / Novartis


Completed 2005




Grimsby, Pyewipe Site UK

Project details:

Novartis – Bulk Pharmaceutical Plant, Laboratories, Process & Offices in Grimsby, consists of building project B150, it is a 9 storey headblock housing a QA Laboratory, IPC Laboratory, Process Support Laboratory, Offices, General Administration Rooms, Laydown Area, Locker Rooms and Workshops adjoining a 4 storey process building.

This development was designed to create an ordered distribution of utilities, process raw materials and finished product, combined with easy and safe personnel movement. The order occurs both in horizontal and vertical distribution and is achieved by clearly defined zones designated to cater for all requirements of the material and personnel flow studies.
Clearly defined circulation routes for both material and personnel movement have been provided.

Externally the buildings are clad in insulated metal panels, colour coated to integrate with the existing site colour scheme. However key elements of the building have been accented to give Building 150 an identity within the facility.

The Personnel related functions are located within the Head Block, located on the southern end of the building. All personnel and visitors access is through the main entrance on the southeastern corner of the Head Block, easily accessed from the existing road network.

Utilities pipe work enters the building from the northern end and transits directly onto the main pipe racks for internal distribution. Liquid raw materials enter the building from the west side through a single point of entry and route to the internal pipe racks. Solvent waste returns to the recovery building via the same route. Other raw materials and finished product are stored in the laydown area at the southern end of the building. HVAC ductwork originates in plant rooms areas on the fourth floor of the building and are distributed vertically and horizontally through strategically located chases.

The internal finishes were selected to withstand the wear and tear of the particular area in which they are located. Areas with cGMP requirements were finished to reflect current regulatory standards.

Novartis - Bulk Pharmaceutical Plant, Laboratories, Process & Offices in Pyewipe Site at Grimsby, UK