Abbey Fort

Deriving its name from the nearby historical structures of Charles Fort and James Fort, the development of Abbey Fort is situated within walking distance of the centre of West Cork’s premier coastal town, Kinsale.

Abbey Fort consists of 217 houses in a series of interlinked neighbourhoods deftly placed on a gently sloping site to create its own unique identity within the greater township. Circulation through the site is permeable and comfortably navigable due to the thoughtful design of sight lines and block placement.

Classically proportioned, scaled with lofty ceiling heights yet embodying the best of contemporary building technology, Abbey Fort has struck a balance between often competing design languages. Large fenestration, scaled to reference exemplary design of the past is married with ‘A-rated’ homes which have been rigorously tested to both meet and exceed the most stringent benchmarks of energy efficiency and environmental design.

Provision of a 550 sq.m. creche that can accommodate up to 92 children coupled with a generous green space ensures a development holistically designed to meet the needs of residents through the years.

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