Wilson Architecture holds Exhibition

In his new position as Managing Director, Paud O’Mahony wanted to acknowledge the huge effort made inhouse over the pandemic period.

“In the last two years during lockdown Wilson Architecture have produced a staggering array of works ranging from Planning for circa 1,500 residential units in Dublin to a temporary installation outside Naturally Nourished. We have completed buildings such as Penrose Dock, Mallow school and the Dean and many interior and pharma projects. We have detailed apartment buildings to Passive House standards and University STEM building to site ready. We have developed to planning standard so many projects I couldn’t count, and developed viable concepts for even more.

To celebrate this work we recently held an exhibition at our offices, to coincide with the office night out, highlighting works from those completed to those at concept stage and anything in between over the last few years. After the fragmentation of lockdown it served to keep everyone informed of the great work other teams are doing in parallel to their own.”

The event and night out proved to be hugely successful with some members of the Dublin and Cork offices finally meeting in person!

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